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Table for 1????

Swoon, the eyes are incredible on this girl. Puuuuuurfect green cat eyes. Some of you may recognize this face, she was on the home page of my last website. One of my new favorites is of the 3 siblings together shown as the last image in this post. :)







simplyput - I think this picture “speaks for itself” …

Happiness times 2 :)


*itch itch* scratch - ahh much better!

Gosh I had fun today, a session “just for her”. Just like all of us deserve to pamper ourselves, whether it is a pedicure, hair, facial etc. this is how she decided to do it. We had a blast and I got to go back to a location I have not seen in a very, very long time… {sigh} it felt GREAT! I have got to go back sometime soon.

Oh and I still have to ROFLMBO, some sweet older lady came up to my client and said, “You know you will get dirty laying on the ground.” Yep, definitely know that but got some amazing shots by making surface contact.

I’ll add a few more sneak peeks soon. Debbie you are going to flip or better yet - HE WILL. ;) This color one is for “me” though.



Mom you were RIGHT, you will like this series best.

Check out these expressions! It was the end of the session and we *patiently* waited for an oil artist to finish and pack up her area so we could use it for 10 minutes. Afterall it was 98 degrees and counting that day. She had to use the ladies room anyway so she kindly moved her stuff over 10 feet. So changing into the last dress and did I say it was hot? (haha) this soon to be 1 year old decides she would play peek-a-boo with her dress and bites of cheerios in between. Isn’t this so darling? Perfect for a grandparents gift as well as another for hubby’s office.


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