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It was a party on the Potomac …

Trying to create the scene here for you. It was simply a beautiful (but windy) day and I was hired to photograph her son. The scene was straight out of a magazine, just breathtaking in and around the property. We were out back near the pool deck and her son who was starting to take steps, reached up and turned on the outside speakers. Out came blaring, “Southern Man” by Neil Young. I am brought back to old memories and it was so much fun to see mom dancing around by the pool deck. Rock and roll continued to play ..

Songs do that to me, they always remind me of a person and place in time. This song will now always remind me of our session. I don’t necessarily dig the lyrics themselves but the music and voice gets me every time. What does this picture have to do with the story? Absolutely nothing .. just another beautiful mommy & me moment on their hammock.


just a little bit more red & orange

I am so sad, we finally had what appeared to be the gorgeous fall colors that us Washingtonians are used to seeing year after year and then … it rained. So G, consider yourself the lucky one who was able to see these yummy red and orange leaves I wait for every year.

a few more from a session previously shared.


Prayers I am sure would be appreciated for ..

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Face painting and Santa Claus - it can’t get any better than this can it?

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Don’t you want to pinch those cheeks?

This brother-sister-sister family while at times going in 3 different directions was such a pleasure to photograph.


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