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Out of the office notice - please take note.

This blog has been seriously neglected but I promise to have it updated by Thursday night with lots of sneak peeks from various sessions. I have been working non stop trying to get caught up with editing, ordering ..everything and that takes precedence over this for now.

An important notice, the office will be closed from Friday, May 30th through Monday, June 2nd as I will be attending my grandfathers memorial service in San Bernardino and the Los Angeles area. Please note all calls and emails will not be returned until the earliest on Tuesday, June 3rd. Thank you for your understanding. 

Here are a few oldie but goodie pictures, one shown is with my mom as a child. These affirm my absolute love for black and white portraits.


Moving from the studio in Old Town Alexandria however …

it will not affect or disrupt upcoming/future sessions. Once a new tenant is found and the space is occupied there will be a new contact number, email and website will remain the same. While it is a tad bittersweet, it is the *best* decision for my business model I could have made in a very long time. A plan is being reviewed to possible allow and introduce in-home ordering consultation appointments for a nominal time and travel fee. My clients have found the guidance and ability to review prints from the actual session, along with display ideas has always been very helpful.


Virginia Family Photographer - giggles and grins

I think my original session date with this family was last fall ( I just know it was a long time ago??) -Rescheduled dates happened as the weather would just not cooperate for one reason or another. But we *finally* scheduled a date that was aligned with the stars - it was truly a joy to meet you!! (Note: if you have not already noticed, you will find I love using exclamation points and asteriks a lot, I can’t help it.)


She made a point to keep me on my toes …

or shall we say “her” toes? I have been sick for 6 days straight so I have some long awaited sneak peeks so I will start going backwards. I will do my best to add at least 1 a day but I have to must get caught up on pending order status, answering emails and going through some archived sessions for clients …

What? No What the Duck Wednesday?

“Well, I’m hot blooded, check it and see I got a fever of a hundred and three Come on baby, do you do more than dance? …” –

While it’s not quite 103, fever in the house so taking it easy. Will be sharing quite a bit of recent work once I get through this fever and sore throat that suddenly came on and more importantly administrative work that takes priority. Got some great shares - stay tuned. 

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