Monthly Archives: June 2008

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A few from my personal “jukebox” - oldies but goodies

Enjoy! Music to me lives in the past. See you next week..

A private party fit for a Fairy Princess and her Prince and their court.

I had the pleasure of photographing these boy/girl twins back when they were around 15 months old who are now in their 3’s. It truly was a delight and what perfect weather. I sure hope they enjoyed that Rainbow ice cream ;)  I have to admit I love, love, love the one of them kissing. awww

Can I hire MY client as a personal shopper for my kids?

I walked into my clients home for their appointment and I immediately thought - this woman not only has the best taste in clothing but so meticulous. Everything was all paired up for boy/girl complimenting outfits so neatly pressed laid out all over the couch and then some. I think we barely got to 3, there must have been 10 more and wish I had more time to get to a few more.  I have a few more sneak peeks I’d like to add but need to get them prepared for web viewing. I’ll add more later!!

A spunky lil fella and family … Northern Virginia Family Photographer

So I’ve been renting this fun wide angle lens and have had a blast using in recent sessions. I am so buying this lens, it is being added to my collection for sure. What I love most about it is the way it captures the sky and candid moments. I admit using the lenses I do, I am generally quite far away from clients - with this one I could reach out and touch someone in an instant. So a few cool funky perspectives and a few with my favorite portrait lenses I could not do without.

A few important announcements and then back to blog posting finally!!

Oh gosh where do I begin. I have neglected this blog - no excuses just busy. I do have a few announcements to make and then I will proceed to slowly backtrack in some recent work as sneak peeks and/or showcasing.

It is official I am closing the studio in Old Town Alexandria and a new tenant will be occupying the space as of July 1st.  The only pertinent thing that is affected is a new permanent office number which has been updated on the website. Clients should not see any impact from this, it has been a smooth and fast transition. :)

Please note the office of Susan Braswell Photography will be closed from Saturday, June 21st and will reopen on Friday, June 27th. All calls and emails will be returned diligently in the order they were received. 

Hope you are enjoying this absolutely beautiful “can I bottle it forever’ weather here in the DC Metro area. 


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