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Accepting sessions as of December 1st - Northern Virginia Children’s Photographer

Thank you again - still experiencing symptoms but nothing that should impede with resuming sessions and it is better under control for now with medication. Still undiagnosed but more testing this week :)

Now for some good news, please keep your eyes peeled soon. Red HOT promotion savings, to keep you WARM during the COLD months. Restrictions apply and this promotion will be valid for December, January and February only, new bookings only from date of promotion posted. I will post details on the blog and site within the week.

Posted a brief update in the comments from post below.

{{thank you}} and have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful to be working with a Neurologist who is willing to listen and work with me. As long as things are under control, sessions are resuming the first week of December and already on the calendar.


I can’t sleep so I thought I’d post a brief update..

First and foremost, thank you for all the kind emails and healing sentiments. This all started two weeks ago on a Sunday. Coming back from two jobs, I started experiencing the worst headache ever (beeping as my daughter calls it) and fever. Within a few hours I felt flu like symptoms, complete fatigue and shakiness inside. Not shakes like with the flu, shakes as in my central nervous system was seriously messed up, poisoned. The headache (and I normally do not get them) lasted until Monday night around 5pm even with Tylenol. On Tuesday morning I had an appointment with my family practice feeling so raunchy but walked out with a diagnosis of an upper respiratory infection. While I am confident and suppose I did have one, that is not how I felt. The next day Wednesday is when (&%#) hit the fan. I woke up with both of my legs, my calves down to my toes specifically were numb and tingly. Mix that with fever (on and off), fatigue and non stop nervous system shakes. I could walk but had loss of sensation and at this point I was scared. Thursday morning, my husband then took off and stayed off with me all last week as well - we headed back into the doctor for blood work. I thought (and I still suspect it even if blood work indicates negative) Lymes Disease and googled other possibilities specifically with key words numbness, tingling and nervous system. An overnight stay in the hospital, CT scan, xray, more blood work, MRI, neurologist visit, another MRI, EMG and yet another MRI tonight I still have no concrete answer. Two possibilities according to my neurologist, neither which make sense to me personally is a pinched nerve in my lower spine or a really REALLY bad virus took over. I am definitely feeling better in the last two days than in the two weeks, in fact yesterday I had a fantastic day - except the numbness/tingling has not disappeared, less prominent yes but not gone. Today I regressed unfortunately but I am holding hope this will all just be behind me in a matter of days. I am on Neurontin now which I think is helping. I should find out the reading of my MRI hopefully tomorrow to at least diagnose or rule out the pinched nerve.

I hope to start regaining more sensation in my feet to start driving again. I have ventured out about a mile but that’s it now, I don’t feel quite safe and “there yet”. My goal is to resume work (as long as I am well) in the near future. That has been very difficult, as two weeks ago I had to cancel all jobs on the 2008 calendar stat and thank my lucky stars I have had the most understanding clients. Most are rescheduled for Spring 2009.

I will be packaging orders and holiday cards all week starting tomorrow and as they come in all week. All albums have been ordered and expected shipment is promised before Christmas. Your order will not be held and will be shipped out separately ahead of time. To any of my recent clients with pending orders to submit and/or recent galleries will be expedited immediately once received. If your order is being packaged and shipped this week, you will be notified by a phone call or email.

Well that about sums it up for now. When I know more, I will post. I may take the opportunity over the next few weeks to finally do some blog posting from sessions I never had a chance to share simply due to a lack of time. My goal is to get a diagnosis, get better and get back to work. Good night.

Medical emergency noted - please read

Please note due to some serious and recent health complications that have progressively worsened, Susan Braswell Photography is closing the calendar and no longer accepting sessions for the remaining part of 2008 at this time. I will post otherwise when I am able to resume sessions. I will be in touch with those who have upcoming sessions ASAP. For those expecting orders, there might be a slight delay. Please contact me personally on my mobile to discuss further. Prayers would be appreciated.


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