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Captivating the true essence of the word FAMILY. Washington DC family photographer, Virginia Children’s Photographer

Sometimes a picture (or more) is worth a thousand words, in this case I am a firm believer. I instantly fell in love with the curls on the sister and mom you have amazing taste in clothing ;) It was a true pleasure to work with all 4 of you.

Eloquent, loving expectant couple - maternity session at dusk. Virginia Maternity Photographer, Virginia Newborn Photographer

As promised a small sneak peek from a recent maternity session. The connection between these two was *there*, so evident and very comfortable with each other and not afraid to express it. It was a true pleasure to work with you both and can not wait to meet your daughter at our newborn session.

She made a point to keep me on my toes …

or shall we say “her” toes? I have been sick for 6 days straight so I have some long awaited sneak peeks so I will start going backwards. I will do my best to add at least 1 a day but I have to must get caught up on pending order status, answering emails and going through some archived sessions for clients …

*itch itch* scratch - ahh much better!

Gosh I had fun today, a session “just for her”. Just like all of us deserve to pamper ourselves, whether it is a pedicure, hair, facial etc. this is how she decided to do it. We had a blast and I got to go back to a location I have not seen in a very, very long time… {sigh} it felt GREAT! I have got to go back sometime soon.

Oh and I still have to ROFLMBO, some sweet older lady came up to my client and said, “You know you will get dirty laying on the ground.” Yep, definitely know that but got some amazing shots by making surface contact.

I’ll add a few more sneak peeks soon. Debbie you are going to flip or better yet - HE WILL. ;) This color one is for “me” though.



Ahhh, young love. Yep, adults!

Once in a while I do photograph adults only whether it be maternities, couples etc. so today was a special treat. Just a sneak peek for you D & M. Hope you recovered from all that heat, whew.

Added a few more since the gallery is ready! Just a few of my personal favorites out of many …

Side note - man I love my 85mm lens. You can not pry that thing away from me. I managed to get a ton of beautiful bokeh throughout today’s session.




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