Peter Frampton Friday Frenzy from a Fanatic - steering off topic of photography

Anyone who *knows* me, can blurt out that I am truly a fanatic over any and/or all of Peter Frampton’s music. Soothing, beautiful, charismatic, romantic .. just downright the best. Some may say, Peter Frampton .. who? ha

My favorite song on so many different levels of reason. Have a fantastic weekend. I’ve got some awesome client sessions to blog which I will be sharing over the next few days, including the most precious 9 day old newborn baby girl today.

Fantabulous Fall Follies! Old Town Alexandria Children’s Photographer, Virginia Family Photographer

Third year in a row, I had the privilege of working with another repeat client who gets me and my style. Every year I always anticipate to see what fun & funky outfits my client has chosen for her fall portraits. I must say she has impeccable taste the girls were dressed to the nines Mini Boden style. Just a quick sneak peek - another client who is a black & white lover (another yeah) as it is so timeless and classic.

So modern, yet vintage - oxymoron? Of course .. sweetest 9 month old baby (repeat client, new family member was the focus) Northern Virginia Baby Photographer, Virginia Baby Photographer

Could you just not eat this lil fella up? I had the pleasure of photographing his big sister I believe early last year if memory serves right. I am always flattered each year as my repeat clients call to book sessions. I get to see new siblings, find out about expecting pregnancies, see a child or children grow and just catch up. L, thank you again for letting me be a small part of your day. I can not get over how sweet he looked in his page boy newspaper cap, the outfits you brought and to see he is a true spitting image of YOU! The bluest eyes and a very quiet baby who would just smile so big at dad’s silliness. He was however the primary focus of this particular session as I photographed big sis (or little) at the same age. We waited until the end and got just a very small handful. I will be sure to add one at a later date. In some of his expressions through the gallery the eyes, smiles melted my heart.

My goal is try to start better blogging, each client if at all possible. I love hearing from the parents of older children especially how they loved seeing themselves on the blog. As a rule of thumb, I sometimes post some of my personal favorites, sometimes not. You will never know, it’s the element of surprise when you get your gallery.

The Goldilocks family, the bluest eyes and mom sure knows great fashion sense! Washington DC Children’s Photographer, Virginia Family Photographer

I am posting a few sneak previews from this session with an absolutely *beautiful* family. I will add a few more sneak peeks in another post, including dad as well. Prior to meeting my client (as I always request to help me identify the family) mom sent me a photograph of her kids. I had to do a double take as the oldest daughter reminds me so much of my own sister when she was a baby/kid. Striking resemblances for sure. It was truly my pleasure, as always ..

ps - their last name is not really Goldilocks ;)

“Say Cheese” is definitely not a part of my vocabulary! Fall foliage and 2 beautiful sisters .. Northern Virginia Children’s Photographer, Virginia Family Photographer

By request of the client, what I am previewing are a few sneak peeks in B&W. (go mom) This session most definitely is one of my all time personal favorites for various reasons. These two absolutely beautiful and so well behaved sisters just downright had fun and it shows throughout the whole session. This is just a small sneak peek of so many areas where their playfulness (and seriousness) was captured throughout our time together. I *thank you* and all my clients for allowing me to be a small part of your day, which will I hope create for display endearing moments of your children. A few other sessions will be posted throughout the week, wait till you see them!

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