My Story

Formal, posed portraits have a place, but the goal of my photography is to freeze moments in time, capturing images as you would remember them if only you could seize that perfect instant. Mine is a fanciful, photojournalistic approach marked by a unique blend of vivid color, gentle shadows, and breathtaking images.

I let a child's imagination and spirit be my guide whether it is chasing falling leaves, blowing bubbles, serving tea to make-believe friends, or snuggling in for a quiet moment with mom or dad. From an infant's first reaches and rolls, to a toddler's unsteady steps, to a youngster's joyful leaps - my lens finds the joy, the focus, the pride that accompanies these simple moments. With a mix of close-ups and action scenes, my photos let you hold onto images of your children as they engage in the wonders of the world.

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